Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday Evening, September 14, 2011

Tonight I conquered one more battle:  Adding pictures to the Gallery over on the new Kate Owens blog spot.  Its not quite set up like I want, but there's tomorrow to see if I can make it work the way I'd like.  If not, I may just settle back here, with my original blog spot.

The past few weeks have been quite productive for me.  I've been following my muse and bright colors called to me so that's what the majority of pieces have.  I'm leaning toward abstract with thread sketching.

The current theme is Sketchbook Doodles. These four postcards were part of an exchange with fellow artists.  The final one should be arriving at its final destinations this week.  So far one has made it to Hawaii, one to New York and the third en route to an old pal in Oregon.

The fourth postcard art gets to stay in the studio with me in my collection.  I have several bigger projects in process, not quite ready to show here.  I'm catching up on commitments and am working on a commissioned piece in addition to these current works.  I like bouncing back and forth between projects - it keeps me fresh and helps prevent burnout. Do you prefer working on one piece at a time or many at once?  Or does it vary, depending on your mood and your deadlines?

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday (technically I see we're already 39 minutes into "his day".  He thinks he's way too old for birthdays, but I think he's missing out on a really great excuse to have cake.  Any kind, flavor, frosting, filling, ice cream.  Or LOTS of cupcakes, for that matter.  We'll see how his day actually unfolds.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!  Bet he's sleeping right now even if he is two hours behind me, timewise.....Is it logical for me to eat a cupcake on his behalf or in honor of him on his day?  I think yes...

Off to sleep then back up to play with my Muse and the little Art Dog too --
Happy Artful Day, all!

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sonja said...

hi kate happy arting. i love my art postcard with black bird! Sonja