Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The other day while visiting with eldest son Matt online, we were talking about our favorite camping spot when the boys were little:  Cascadia State Park in Oregon.  If you click on the link, there's a picture of three little boys playing in the river.  We both are wondering if this could possibly be the boys from way back when....!  It looks exactly like they looked playing in the river there.  I might have to dig through some photos to see if I can see the same swimsuits to confirm my memory - too fun, right?  I emailed the website to see if we could get a positive identity or larger look at the picture.  We would be honored if it were them featured on their favorite childhood camping spot webpage.  We'll wait and see.  In the meantime, check it out to get a feel of the fun we had there...

**Update**  I heard from the nice people in charge of the web content at the Oregon State Park Service.  They sent me two pics of the boys so I could get a better look at their faces and alas! No, these three dopplegangers are NOT my boys from years ago.  But it was fun solving the mystery and it brought back so many good memories of camping and playing with them at Cascadia.  I'm going to have to still dig through the photos and find some of those great days.**

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making Art with Heart

The Work of Angels

Courting Crows

Heading Home
I Think You Hung The Moon and the Stars

Requiem (Dillworth Texas)
 This was part of a gallery exhibit - a challenge to interpret a poem which was titled "Requiem".  The Poem was written about the old Dillworth, Texas cemetery.  The names on the headstone reflects the names of the families buried there.  My heart-shaped whirl-wind, the road runner, barbed wire fence and other details of the quilt reflect elements mentioned in the poem.

Sunset in the Piney Woods

Twisted, Tangled, Tattered Heart

Waiting For Spring

Friday, November 11, 2011

Done For The Day

Talk about totally different!! Changing the theme/layout on this blog again today.  I'm trying to get a format that's easy to read and I got welcome feedback from my dear friend Sonja that the black background with white text was difficult to read. So I'm bouncing in and out of here in between projects - yes bouncing again but trying to get my hands on as many things as I can today.  It's been way too long, and though I don't want to over do it and wear my fingers out on day one, it feels so good to be able to manipulate text, colors, words, fabric.  Oh, what we take for granted, that which we do mindlessly and effortlessly most days. Happy Artful Day my friends.
 Sunset In The Piney Woods
Hi there!
I've decided not to give up on FlutterbugArtgirl Blogspot as of yet.  Head over there for updated and under construction.  Let me know which is easier to read.  Or I'll just decide if you don't care - ha!

Good Morning!
This morning we are under construction.  I'm trying to integrate FlutterbugArtgirl with Kate Owens.  Lively vs dull? LOL  Not quite but the opposites do attract. :-)  Different characteristics of my persona I guess you'd say.  So I'm editing and some changes were made here with colors, layout, banner - and has rendered some blog entries as unreadable!  I'll tweak the font colors on those as we go.  I hope you enjoy this new format as much as I do.  We'll try it on for size and see how it goes.  More current pictures to follow.  Happy Artful Day! ~Kate