Friday, June 19, 2009


I did find the "Followers" gadget and published it over there ---------> per your request. Along with a couple others I'm playing with. I'm learning... slowly.... a thousand excuses for not having time, not having pics to post etc. Over in the "LINKS" section are some great new artists as I mentioned in the previous post and also added Holly's felted purses/bags - they are gorgeous. This talented artist just opened shop on Etsy not too long ago. Of course I'm leaning toward the hippie girl bags, don't you think? Which one is your favorite? The bigger one reminds me of the Julia Roberts bag that was so popular last year (was it last year or the year before???)... anyway Holly packs a similar one around with her lately as her go-to bag of everything. It could almost be an overnight bag. Depending on how many art projects you take.... *smile*


It has felt like a week (or two) of Mondays! Did you feel it too? There have been so many obstacles to art it seems like sabotage! ha! Today nothing will get in my way. I have some photos to upload later and I was up early this morning overflowing with ideas. Projects on the burner included an art doll collage swap with Heather and grunge jacket project, organizing and getting a place for my sacred art sisters to gather and play. Here are a four of my favorite inspirations:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is the current issue of Quilting Arts - and I am soooo proud and excited to have my art quilt featured on page 72!

My John Lennon art quilt entitled "Imagine" is there in living color. I'm still pinching myself and recuperating from doing cartwheels and happy dancing non-stop. I am honored and humbled and wanting to scream at the top of my lungs all at once!
It is my first entry to one of QA's reader challenges. It took a lot of courage and self-talk to convince myself to enter it, to even slide it into a padded mailer and let it go. It feels good to share my art, scary and exciting all at once - and I think the mind set of "sharing my art" rather than the concept that "my art will be judged worthy or not" is a much healthier mindset. And probably a lot more accurate. Even if something doesn't "make the cut" that doesn't render it unworthy. It just didn't fit the criteria at the moment. But the art was shared. That's what's important: to get our art out there and share it with others. So perhaps the goal each day will be to not only Make a Little Art Everyday.... but also to Share a little Art Everyday. Even with just one other person. Art is in the eye of the beholder, it is to be shared. Art is eyecandy, pass it around and share it with one other person every day.