Monday, July 12, 2010


I imagine we all find ourselves here periodically throughout our life more often than we care to acknowledge.  Change is unpredictable, it is scary and exciting and full of opportunities we have yet to discover.  Yet I sit in the middle of change contemplating, over-thinking, over-analyzing when all I really need to do is jump in feet first and enjoy the exhilarating rush change always brings.  What did I say the other day?  Renew, refresh, rejuvenate.  If only I could remember those three R's when I have self-doubt.

This post I'm keeping relatively short as I review I see more time spent on uploading cleaned up art studio pics rather than finished work.  The art studio (again using studio term with a hint of guilt at the moment) - is seldom tidy.  When I'm actually working on something it's a literal tornado alley in process and in the aftermath of creation.  Do you suppose God had a tornado alley place when he finished creating the Heavens and the Earth?  Who cleaned it up for Him so he could start the next project?  Maybe He cleaned it up after he was finished admiring his work... 'cause how would He find His tools and supplies unless He was super organized which I never quite seem to be once I start pulling stuff out to use.  Just wondering...

Before I leave, one word about The Sketchbook Project. I've been sketching regularly in my moleskine journal since before we went to Hawaii (more on THAT later!!)... and here comes the sketchbook project (Thanks, Annie!)... not that I'm all that great a sketcher or painter or artist, but it reminds me what I learned from reading Melanie Testa's blog and articles: practice, practice, practice. You really can see the improvement from page one to the last page.  A metamorphisis if you will excuse the cliche'.  YOU can participate by clicking on here: or on the icon over in the upper right hand side of my blog under "Cool Places".  Think it over, it might be fun.  I just have a calling to this project and to promote it.  Maybe it's part of my "change".  LOL  Can THIS be my "change of life" era?  hahahahahahaha

Happy Artful Day to all.  Off to the drawing board, literally!
~(if I can find it)...