Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Morning!
This morning we are under construction.  I'm trying to integrate FlutterbugArtgirl with Kate Owens.  Lively vs dull? LOL  Not quite but the opposites do attract. :-)  Different characteristics of my persona I guess you'd say.  So I'm editing and some changes were made here with colors, layout, banner - and has rendered some blog entries as unreadable!  I'll tweak the font colors on those as we go.  I hope you enjoy this new format as much as I do.  We'll try it on for size and see how it goes.  More current pictures to follow.  Happy Artful Day! ~Kate


sonja said...

good to see hear your bog presence again. one thing, older eyes like mine cannot read on the black background lon and leave blogs like that quickly. seems to be a syle but not one" i" like, just saying. keep us posted on your artongoings! sonja

FlutterbugArtGirl said...

Is this better Ms. Sonja? Still tweaking little by little inbetween doing this and that! ~ Kate