Friday, September 30, 2011


Oh my gosh!! You've caught me still in the trying to figure out how to design the space both here and there (re: the "new" and "improved" blog - though I'm not so sure about improved).  And its not so new as I've been neglecting these this year.  But it is the "Season of Change" for me this year, so everything in its time.  It'll all get there, slowly but surely! I worked a little on this one last night and jump back and forth trying to experiment.  In the process I lost my followers - well they're not lost really, still there in my settings but not displaying for some reason.  I deleted the old Sketchbook 2011 gadget and added a pic of the logo for 2012 and in doing that somehow it has affected Followers displaying properly.  I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure! But I'm ALWAYS OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS AND DIRECTIONS AND HELP.  I'm probably over thinking of course, and this original Flutterbugartgirl blog here holds sentimental value in my heart, but I'm torn because I like the clean lines of the other one.  We'll see as we go.

Speaking of going I must for now, thanks Sonja and BIG Brother who's always watching over me!!



sonja said...

i see us followers still from here!....

hey, if you put the ABOUT ME thingie at top of this blog, one can get to NIKB , sooner.

love your gallery work! GO KATE GO!

sonja said...

thanks KATE for stopping by and leaving commens on wordless and fragrant on my bog last week.