Thursday, September 29, 2011

Editing and Power Outages

All right, this is how it works with me:  I carve time out today to dedicate to working on my blog.  Who knew a big wind storm was going to come blowing through?  First thunder rumbling in the distance, getting closer; lightening every so often, getting brighter; then rain, and lots of it (Hallelujah!!).  Soon the howling wind caught mine and Sancho's attention so we ran to the door and opened it to watch the system moving through.  Exhilarating until this ever louder howling continues and a huge WOOOSH! follows with a wall of rain -- literally pushing it at high speed across the yard.  The front porch door flies open, the side ways rain turns into a huge wall of water, almost wave like, and the little dog and I run to an inner room, no windows.  You can never be too careful, home alone, a girl and her dog.  After the big woosh! the lights fell dark.  My net book was on its last charge - plugged in about 10 minutes.  Lost all my edits!!!  Just recently got the power back and and jogged over to see if I can see my new page.  Nope.  What is this love/hate relationship blogger has with me?

I'll hunt those pics down.  I'm trying to make tabbed pages, one will be a Gallery of Work to share.  That's the plan.  So I won't keep you any longer.  Check back soon and maybe I'll be successful and there'll be something interesting to look at.  Hopefully inspiring!



sonja said...

hang on Sancho.we are not in Kansas after all!!!!
how do we go from here to NEW improved Kate Blog?

RevBob's Bend in the River said...

Kate's OLDER brother
The New, Improved Kate Owens Blogspot:

FlutterbugArtGirl said...

Sonja and Steve - you guys! You caught me (and Sancho!) in the still naked process hahahahahaha!