Thursday, July 16, 2009

Published in Quilting Arts!!

So here it is: "my" page in the current issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. My "Imagine" or "John Lennon" art quilt on page 72 in case I didn't mention that a hundred times already! I'm still excited about it, I look at it a little less now (it was every single day there for a while) and I was almost stopping strangers on the street to say, "See this? This is mine." Or maybe just a simple "I did THIS." Strange but true. My 15 seconds of "fame". Well I love it that my quilt made it onto those hallowed pages of QA. I know I must move on. But I can't. Just yet...

What will really be neat is when I get it back and can hold it in my hands again. I've had a couple offers to buy it but I'm not so sure I want to sell it. This piece of art is a first, a first of a kind and I'm not sure I can really part with it. Maybe I can make a replica or two. I'll toy with the idea for a while, I've got some time.

Besides that, I've been very AWOL in the blog department. July so far has been quite busy with obligations, family visiting, and work. Everything has seemed to have picked up pace in the last month. So much swirling. The "lazy days of summer" have been anything but. We did get away with my brother who was visiting from Oregon. We took a road trip that ended up being not so much on the road as it was in air conditioned hotel rooms. It has been a scorching hot summer and Steve was thinking about maybe retiring here one day. Scratch that thought. We nicknamed him "The Snowman" as he thought he was going to melt. We had to coax him to walk on the beach at 6:30 in the morning, and threaten him to get him out of the room and into the truck so we could take him out to experience a little Cajun cafe called "Crawdaddy's" in Corpus Christi. Never mind that he ordered the spicy Cajun crawfish platter. He only thought he was hot until he started in on that pile of crawfish... We actually found a snow globe in a gift shop that was made just for him: inside the globe was a snowman sitting in a lawn chair in the snow, underneath a palm tree with an "umbrella drink" in one hand. (I think there were Christmas lights strung in the palm tree too). It was the perfect "official" souvenir for him to take back to Oregon. And to remind him, in case he gets the crazy idea again that he might want to move to Texas.

So that's it in a nutshell for me the past few weeks. Juggling everything and spending not as much time making art as I intended. Life tends to interfere if we let it. I did actually sketch a bit while we were gone and have a few projects in the works. I'm hoping to spend at least part of tomorrow and all of Friday in my art realm. Instead of "hoping" I ought to be determined. Otherwise I think there will always be something trying to take up my time. Prioritize. Do what's important and what makes you smile. Even for a bit. A little "Katie-1st" going on. Maybe I'll gather everything up I've been working on and snap a pick -- it'll be a pathetic pile of doll bodies with heads rolling around, half-done drawings and a few "I-wonder-just-what-it-is-I'm-trying-to-make" pieces. I figure a bad start is a start, nonetheless. Better than staring at a blank piece of paper.

Hey, I just learned today I can blog without posting a picture. Ha ha! Seriously, I will get my routine down and blog by Tuesdays, picture ready or not. That will be my goal. There I said it out loud and in print. So it's got to be.

And one more thing before I sign off -- I heard that Heather's jewelry is selling like hotcakes!! Congratulations Heather!! Click on her link over to the right or her website here: She also has an Etsy store. Isn't that what we artists hope for? Can you imagine not being able to keep up with demand??!!! Let's happy dance for her on our way out shall we?!! Happy Arful Day til later ~~


Heather said...

Maggie and I think we may need your autograph

It has been such wonderful fun to grow with you as an artist these past few years - you never cease to amaze me

Thanks for sharing your artisphere

FlutterbugArtGirl said...

Heather and Maggie: Oh my gosh you two are cracking me up!! ((HUGS)) I can say the same for you too - what wonderful fun it has been playing and growing together as artists. I am always in awe of your work. Thank you for being very much a part of my inspiration and for all your loving encouragement! Thanks for being behind me pushing and pulling me up the hill!! BTW - Can I have YOUR autographs??? heheheheee C'mon let's go play now....