Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio Redeux

It seems like it has taken me forever to "hoe" out my art room. First it was the spare bedroom, then the sewing room, art room, and now art studio. That "s" word is a big word, but we're trying it on for size. It's getting easier to say out loud. *smile* I can't believe all the junk I had stuffed into that little room. Here are some pictures of how it looks now....

You might be wondering where the "before" pictures are...hehehehe.... nope I'm not posting them. It's too embarrassing or maybe really you'd be impressed with how much stuff I was actually able to cram in to such a small space. Ha! Regardless, here's the end results. I think I need to sew a skirt around the tables to hide the storage underneath. What do you think? At first I was toying with the idea of using vinyl table cloth material but then realized the lime green stuff went out with the first round of tossed out stuff. So I might buy a pretty fabric that I just love. Did I say BUY fabric??? Well don't tell Cowboy - he'll croak!! I don't happen to have enough yardage of one pattern to make a skirt. I'm estimating I need 4-3/4 yards at 29" to match the height of both tables (the brown one is slightly taller than the smaller white table. I'm so glad to have the tables cleared off and everything in it's place. Now I can create to my abandon!!

There's the little issue of a few piles still in the living room/dining room area... left over after the "give aways", the garbage, more stuff I'm still mulling over tossing out or keeping or even going through and looking at to decide. Yes I'm probably a classic hoarder. I "might" use this, oh! I "might" use that... I see potential in so many things, but will I actually use it? The REAL question is: Will I actually be able to find it again in my piles? Gosh the truth hurts sometimes! But I have to tell you I feel so relieved to be in my neat and tidy space. If I could hire someone (is that Cowboy volunteering in the back there??) to just gather up what's left over and get rid of it and not tell me what's in there, I'd probably be just fine without it. Know what I mean?

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