Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Good Morning!
Today I find myself up early uploading pix to the computer to share. First request was of my new art room/studio/place/hideaway. I'm moving into a smaller space so I've been unpacking and sorting and ever so carefully going through my things deciding what I can and cannot live without. What a tough decision, and also what a mess! That's my theme. It all looks so pretty when you get everything organized and then here comes that first project and the organization all goes out the window! I am a messy maker, love to just fly by the seat of my pants, digging in drawers and pulling out supplies and getting into the flow and not stopping to tidy up. *SIGH* Maybe I can conjure up an art angel who will tidy up behind me, fluttering here and there and scolding me but happily organizing everything just right.
Or not. Accept the unchangable; stop fighting the Universe, Katie!! So here's my space, my new place of being:

These are my table skirts as you can see - I didn't have enough of one material to cover both tables, but I loved both of these fabrics and decided what the heck, go for it. I wanted to use fabric I had so these are what I had the most of. I'm really drawn to turquoise, lime green, hot pinks that line of colors this year.

My very favorite thing in my art room at the moment is my peg board. I painted it layers and layers of color so you can see pinks, greens, blues, turquoise... and my two original Spirit Dolls reign over the area. Painted soup cans hold pens and pencils and various hooks hold various supplies as you can see. Since this picture was taken, I've already re-arranged the pegboard; the paintbrushes are no longer kept in the basket near the bottom and there's more "gadgets" up there where I can see and reach them!

The pegboard hangs over my main table for drawing, painting, etc. To the left would be my sewing/cutting table, the first table as you walk in the room.

Then there's my supply drawers and plastic cabinets shown below, you can see they sit beside the book shelf of supplies to the left of the room, behind me when I'm working at my table.

You know my space wouldn't be complete without a place for Art Dog Sancho and he quickly designated under the window as his place. So I set up a pillow and one of his favorite blankets on top of a storage bin right under the window for him. The window is framed with lights and old lace curtains that have not yet been replaced. Also there is a new window waiting to be installed. The new window is an energy efficient window with the prairie design. It will allow more light into the room! This is an east facing window that looks out onto the front porch and front yard. Roses and pots of geraniums are beginning to bloom. Not only can he combine his Art Dog skills with his Guard Dog duties, but Sanch can also catch a nap in the afternoon sun. :-)

Now that you know what my space looks like, are you going to show me yours? *smile*
Next post will be what I've been working on (fingers crossed!!).
Til next time (sooner rather than later!!!) ~ K


sonja said...

i like seeing your studio Kate! good jobs and the skirting is a great way to hide stuff!
i just had 3 ladies over this morning to tour my studio and it was a trip for them as i got to share some of your art and others art from our trading groups with them.
hoppy Easter cupcake!

sonja said...

are you kidding?
my studio is not ready for photos.
all befores.
How did you attach the skirting to tables??

Edzellinni said...

Now I know why you've been so quiet. And same as you, I get it all organized, then boom, a project, and mess central. Mine is a nightmare...I can barely move. will snap a pix soon and share and see who can out mess the other. :-)