Thursday, June 13, 2013

Out Of Sight, But Working Behind The Scenes

No excuses.  Blogging took a backseat this last YEAR.  Has it been that long?  Time is supposed to fly when you're having fun, right?  Though I HAVE had my share of FUN - I've also had my share of challenges.  Having said that, it's about time I get it together and start sharing on this blog that had so much potential when I started it, and then when I was busy revamping it into a new blogspot... almost like jumping in the pool before learning how to swim! It's getting there.  I may need to honestly hire a webmaster pro to set me up correctly.  Until then, I'll work on making regular blog dates to keep me in the loop with all you artsy friends and pals I am so fortunate to have, and have yet to meet.  There's a lot to be said about talking art to get one into the art mode - I've been dabbling and actually have been making art behind the scenes... just not tooting my own horn.  That's okay too - sometimes we just need to take a break and focus on other areas of our life that are important.  I like to think I'm constantly growing and learning, so perhaps I can say it has been a year of growing pains in a positive manner!

I am VERY excited to tell you I have TWO art pieces accepted into the 2013 Sacred Threads exhibit!! I am honored to be a part of this exhibition.  You can access their website here:
Once my work debuts at the exhibit opening, I will be able to display my quilts on my blog.  

Thanks to you art buddies who have sent mail art, emails, good words and wishes and kept me afloat with your encouragement.  Look out, here I come... I'm baaaack!  :-)
P.S. - I've been working all morning attempting to merge my old and new blog pages into one site.  It looks like I lost some of the photos in my Gallery and will have to re-post or find some newer ones to share. :-)  Otherwise, I think everything transferred post-wise and comments, etc.  

Posting TWICE in ONE day.  Put the laptop away and get back to art!!
Happy Artful Day!!

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sonja said...

Dear flutterbugbugartgirl
please email me if you are still ...arting!!!Sonja