Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In The Art Studio Again

The last month or two has been filled with family losses, Grandma followed by Mom-in-law (yes it is she who was my topic a few blogs down in Cougars from Passion Island - Ms. Joy Nell Puckett Owens, most fondly known as Mom O by me)... and though our hearts are heavy we pick up where life left off. Gradually. For the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks I had an art day in the studio. Yay! It was tough at first to focus and allow myself to let go and play, but little by little my Muse took me by the hand and pulled me in. In the middle of things I gave myself permission to be happy about what I was doing and began to delve into creating. I had signed up for this fabulous online Graffiti Art class by artist Alisa Burke and I missed the entire class due to family responsibilities. Wonderful as Alisa is (not to mention kind and understanding), she is keeping the site open longer and I was able to finish up a project and post it to the website! Yay! A big accomplishment for me! Thank you Alisa for enabling me to get back into creating and teaching me some facinating techniques! I'm still practicing and watching the videos, but I had to share what I've competed so far:

Well, this morning my computer or blogger is not allowing me to post my pictures. Dang! As soon as I figure it out, I'll add them. It may be this evening as I'm off to work here shortly...Happy Artful Day Everyone!!


sonja said...

welcome back Kate. so glad you can start to art again.look forward to your new photos.Be well, sonja

Edzellinni said...

Hi F'bug! You can't go too long without art if know you! Life does have an annoying way of interfering with art.

I have been bad about keeping my blog up to date too...just did a new post and it lost in cyber space...grrr!

RevBob's Bend in the River said...

This is too cool!