Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Cougars on Passion Island

First I'm going to show you what I made my mom-in-law for Mother's Day - a wallhanging of her and two of her girlfriends from work. They went on a cruise (Mom O's second!) this spring. They had this photo taken at Passion Island. My m-i-l Joy is on the far right. (She said they teased her about her vacation hat - said she looked like Gilligan from Gilligan's Island!) I took the photo and scanned it on t-shirt transfer, transferred it on to fabric and went to work with paints, stamps, markers, etc. I wanted a sweet yet humorous piece that played on the Gilligan theme but also the three "Cougars" at Passion Island. My Inner Critic wavered at the final result, but Cowboy previewed it and said his mama would love it! He was right. She got a kick out of it and so did the girls. She let me borrow it back to photograph, and I had trouble getting a good one since I had finished it with a shiny finish. My artpal Heather (who is also a photographer I've found out among many OTHER artful talents) gave me a tip on how to cut the glare. Not the quality she would produce, I'm sure, but it's good enough to see so I'm posting it! *smile* Fun, yes?!?


Edzellinni said...

oh, f'bug...very artsy interpretation! You are getting a very recognizable color pallete and style. If you lined up a bunch of art, I would absolutely pick this as your work. looks fab!

sonja said...

if that isn't great, little buddy, i don't know what is Kate! you are making great family art i hope they understand it is art, not kodak.great way to document good times with good friends.
how did Heather say to cut the gare? did you use a gloss finish on original? i often use satin finish ..i wonder if that would glare less?