Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's a couple more pictures of dolls I've made. The first one shows dolls made with patterns by Patti Medaris Culea. I love her dolls and patterns. The three dolls are a series. Together I call them "The Slumber Party". The slumber party doll on the right is named Orgazma. The doll on the far right is an angel named Angelica. It just occurred to me she appears to be praying for Orgazma. Ha! Orgazma was given away as a gift. I let a friend pick which doll she wanted knowing she would pick Angelica. To my surprise, she grabbed up Orgazma. Go figure!

The other photo is a doll called Me, Myself, and I from an elinor peace bailey pattern (with the same name)for a class of hers we attended in Houston. My friend Marsha flew out from Oregon and we went together. She'd attended a couple of elinor's classes before and knew we would have a blast. elinor drew the face on my doll for me (it's supposed to be my face). Her body is psychedelic and reminds me of my first experience with the menopausal years. I left her naked because I loved all the colors; it seemed a shame to hide them beneath clothing.