Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fabric Dye Day

Yesterday I was able to spend a big chunk of the day experimenting with dyeing fabric. Annie and Wallie from our Studio 105 design group were dyeing fabric on Monday during our group meet. The fabrics they made were so delicious! I gave it a try and I had some great results too. I tried using rock salt on a few but I didn't do something quite right as I didn't have much result with that. I need to check back with Annie and Wallie and see what I omitted! Still, it was great fun.


sonja said...

and the driveway is an excellent place to make art. i use the grass and it has a differnet outcome depending on many other i assured the husband that the turquoise grass would be gone by my next mowing !!!sonja

FlutterbugArtGirl said...

Sonja you crack me up!! It did not occur to me to incorporate other variables at this time... grass... etc.... you know when you are a newbie and you try to do everything exact and just right... thinking that will help influence a "successful" outcome... silly newbie artist minds!